Design & Construction Management


With specialist experience in design and construction management developed over many years, clients can be confident in relying on Stratus Environmental to manage and deliver their waste management projects to the highest standards of environmental compliance, quality assurance, and cost effectiveness.

Design and Construction services include:

  • Landfill Containment Engineering - design of all types of lining and capping solutions, site infrastructure and highways design.
  • Waste Recycling Infrastructure Design - household waste recycling centres, materials recycling facilities, composting operations and energy recovery infrastructure.
  • Environmental Control Systems Design - landfill gas, leachate and surface water control systems design and installation.
  • Construction Contract Procurement and Administration - tender management, site supervision, valuations, completion reporting and project management (including CDM Co-ordinator).
  • Construction Quality Assurance - CQA plans, method statements, validation reports and regulatory liaison.
  • Budget Forecasting and Financial Appraisal - financial and budget forecasting, including liability assessment for accounting purposes (financial provisions).