Witham Wind Turbine Planning Appeal

Burton Turbine.jpg

Stratus Environmental has won a planning appeal on behalf of Harworth Estates for the development of a single wind turbine on land near Ragnall, in Nottinghamshire.

The wind turbine proposed is 80m to blade tip and will produce approximately 1,182 MWh/year of low carbon renewable energy equivalent to supplying 285 homes with their annual electricity requirements, with the potential to reduce Carbon Dioxide production by some 26,875 tonnes over the life of the project.

Stratus Environmental were responsible for preparing the planning application and supporting environmental assessments and have managed and attended the Public Exhibition event organised as part of the Community Engagement exercise.

The planning application was refused on aviation radar grounds due to an objection from National Air Traffic Service. Stratus appealed the decision on behalf of Harworth Estates and having undertaken further work in relation to aviation safeguarding, NATS withdrew their objection and the appeal was allowed by the Planning Inspectorate earlier this year.

Stratus Environmental have assisted Harworth Estates in assessing the potential for the development of energy projects, including wind energy across its entire land portfolio.