Stratus has developed the capability to undertake 3D visualisations and animations which can be used in the production of Design Access Statements, supporting stakeholder engagement initiatives during the planning process and to help illustrate development proposals.The following gallery contains 3D images produced by Stratus Environmental to support its recent planning application projects. Please click on the thumbnails to view larger images.


Binn Farm EfW 1.jpgBinn Farm EfW 2.jpgBradford Energy Recovery Facility 1.jpgBradford Energy Recovery Facility 2.jpgBryn Lane MBT 1.jpgBryn Lane MBT 2.jpgCampground Transfer Stn 1.jpgCampground Transfer Stn 2.jpgCarlisle Road Resource Recovery Facility 1.jpgCarlisle Road Resource Recovery Facility.jpgCoseley Eco Park Energy Recovery Facility 1.jpgCoseley Eco Park Energy Recovery Facility 2.jpgEfW Concept 1.jpgEfW Concept 2.jpgJack Crawford House Transfer Stn 1.jpgJack Crawford House Transfer Stn 2.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park 1.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park 2.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park Option 1.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park Option 2.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park Option 3.jpgStoney Hill Eco Park Option 4.jpgThames Gateway Energy Facility 1.jpgThames Gateway Energy Facility 2.jpgUnited Utilities EfW 1.jpgUnited Utilities EfW 2.jpgBURTS WHARF E VIEW.jpgBURTS WHARF NE VIEW.jpgBURTS WHARF SE VIEW.jpgGasrec.jpgLLANDULLAS COVER IMAGE red.jpgDogsthorpe ed 1.jpgDIXPIT CAMERA 20 red.jpgDOGSTHOR red1.jpgTREES CAMERA 013.jpgTREES CAMERA 015II red.jpgDOGSTHORPE OFFICES - FCC LOGO.jpg


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